Trestles product information page

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MOB2030, 3 TON PIN TYPE TRESTLES, 322-470mm Lifting range

MOB2035, 6Ton PIN TYPE TRESTLES, 465-610mm Lifting range
MOB2040, 12 TON PIN TYPE TRESTLES, 510-725mm Lifting range
MOB2045, 12 TON HI PIN TYPE TRESTLES, 855-1065mm Lifting range
MOB2101, 3Ton TRESTLES FOR CARS (RATCHET), 300-450mm Lifting range
MOB2102, 6Ton TRESTLES FOR VANS (RATCHET), 380-610mm Lifting range
MOB2103, 12 Ton TRESTLES FOR TRUCKS & BUSES, 450-760mm Lifting range